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I start my internship at Boston Consulting Group this Summer, which is the one I was going after. My little sister is a freshman at university now and the first thing I got her to do was sign up for Career Accelerator.


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Taylor landed a Consulting Internship at the prestigious Boston Consulting Group. Here's what she has to say about CareerXL.

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☑️ You are a high performing student

☑️ You're ambitious

☑️ You want a head start in your career

☑️ Internship hunting feels daunting

☑️ You don't want to settle for mediocre

Brian landed an Investment Banking Analyst role at Lincoln International. Here's what he has to say about CareerXL.

Meet the Founder + Head Coach

Hi, I'm Nick and here's my story that led me to launch CareerXL.

I was born to first-generation immigrant parents and saw university as my ticket to a better life. I graduated as a top student, only to be disappointed by the reality of the huge gap between what universities teach and what employers are looking for.

Having no other choice, I took matters into my own hands and figured out how to navigate through the world of high finance and consulting. Since then, I've led investments of over $400 million, shaped investment strategies in the technology sector and got promoted to the Chief of Staff at a billion $ Japanese investment company.

Throughout my career and finally as Chief of Staff, the vast gap between university acquired knowledge and what the job market required was extremely clear to me. I knew there were thousands of students who are facing the same challenges I did as a fresh graduate.

I started CareerXL to solve these challenges. This is a mission-driven endeavor to make sure high performing students like yourself get the best jobs in the country - a promise educational institutions make but unfortunately fail to fulfill.

If you're a hard worker committed to learning and applying, all you need is the right guidance, support and mentorship to accelerate your career from the onset. This is what we aim to do here.


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